RP Meats Ltd and King Brothers in Peterborough work together during pandemic

RP Meats Ltd and King Brothers with Peterborough NHS Staff

RP Meats Ltd and King Brothers in Peterborough have this week come together to produce 200 meat packs to help those in need! These packs have been given to people in the nhs.uk and other charities supporting people in need in such tough times, especially for those working in it or unable to get out or feed themselves. These packs consisted of raw meat, cooked meat, cheese, dry goods, fruit and vegetables, milk and butter. 

Their work doesn’t stop there as they are producing another 200 packs next week for other charities and NHS staff! 

All 400 packs have been financially backed by a mystery individual! No-one knows the reason for the donation, other than the individual wanting to help those in need at such a difficult time. 

It’s times like this where we have to come together and support each other but especially support the people who need it the most and that’s what RP Meats Ltd, King Brothers and the mystery individual have done!

RP Meats Ltd and King Brothers from Peterborough

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